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Andrea Sheridan Ordin joins Strumwasser & Woocher

Strumwasser & Woocher welcomes Andrea Sheridan Ordin as senior counsel from Los Angeles City Ethics Commission.

Strumwasser & Woocher announced Andrea Sheridan Ordin has joined the firm's public interest and government representation practice as senior counsel in Los Angeles.

Ordin also serves on the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission. She was appointed by President Jimmy Carter as the first female U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California, the third female to hold the position nationwide.

"Michael Strumwasser, Fred Woocher and I were together in the state attorney general's office and we worked together during those eight years," said Ordin. "We've been friends for a long time."

Ordin said the firm's broad range of litigation and advising public interest groups and government officials appealed to her.

"It just seemed to me that they were talented, committed lawyers who built an excellent firm and it seemed like the type of work I wanted to be a part of," she explained.

The firm is "delighted that Andrea has chosen to continue her career with Strumwasser & Woocher," co-founding partner Michael J. Strumwasser said in a press release.

"Her sound counsel at the highest levels of government and her record of successful advocacy for the public interest will be of great service to our clients."

Ordin has served as Los Angeles County counsel, chief assistant attorney general of California, assistant district attorney for Los Angeles County and president of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Both as county counsel and as U.S. attorney in the civil division, one works on "a broad range of litigation," Ordin said.

"I'm hopeful that both the trial and appellate experience that I've had in the various offices will assist them in providing their clients the high quality reputation that they have traditionally provided."

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